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Chloe Moffett, editor, Callisto Media

Mariah is an absolute dream to work with. She did fantastic developmental editing work for my team on a variety of personal growth and development topics, including Christian devotionals, witchcraft, and psychology. She can beat a rough first draft into shape and take a solid draft to a shining finish. She is always thoughtful, thorough, and a general joy to work with, and was communicative and helpful with both authors and editors. Cannot recommend her highly enough!

Todd Jones, author, Raising Girls: A Christian Parenting Book: A Practical Guide to Faith-Based Parenting

Absolutely incredible job! I have worked with editors in the past that erased my voice from the text and made it feel like it wasn't mine, but you only enhanced my voice! I am very happy with your work. Thank you!

Mo Mozuch, editor, Callisto Media

Mariah was always thorough and responsive with her edits. She worked magic on many projects where first-time authors fell short on word count or strategy (or both!) I would highly recommend her for any developmental editing work.

Michael Millman, senior acquisitions editor, ABC-CLIO

Mariah is a superbly talented writer and editor. I commissioned her to put together four book projects for ABC-CLIO's "Unlocking American History" series—a series of reference guides to the central concepts, themes, and events of pivotal eras in American history. Drawing from existing content by James Olson, Mariah repurposed the material to create new books for the series. In addition to the encyclopedic A–Z entries, she created original supplemental materials for each volume: an introductory essay, a chronology, thematic tagging, more than a dozen primary sources, AP exam resources, and a bibliography—providing a complete study resource for high school AP history students and undergraduates. The manuscripts were always expertly written—and always delivered in a timely fashion. It was a great pleasure working with her!

Miodrag Micic, volume editor, Sample Preparation Techniques for Soil, Plant, and Animal Samples 

Mariah was the development editor for my monograph, Sample Preparation Techniques for Soil, Plant, and Animal Samples, Humana Press (Springer Nature). Mariah is very detail-oriented, excels at project management, and is great at proofreading. I am looking forward to working with Mariah again on some of my future books. I have over 80 publications in total, and Mariah is the best development editor I've worked with.

Samantha Holland, senior editor, Insight Editions

Mariah is a wonderful developmental editor, copyeditor, proofreader, and just such a great person. She was one of my go-to developmental editors at Callisto, and she is now proofreading and copyediting for us at Insight Editions. She and I have worked on a handful of projects together, and Mariah was always very kind, on time, and did incredible work editing some rough manuscripts, while still keeping the author's tone/voice intact.

Randall M. Miller, series editor, Daily Life in the United States (Greenwood Press/ABC-CLIO)

Mariah provided intelligent, informed, and useful guidance, immediate follow-up, and sensitive and sensible oversight of authors. She was creative in thinking about new projects and ways to fit Greenwood books into the larger Greenwood body of material. She had a wonderful way with authors, no doubt because of her common sense and good humor. She understood what was necessary and what was possible. She produced first-rate books in the series with which I worked with her. And she followed up to be sure authors' interests were understood and met. 
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