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A thorough review of your text line-by-line. We’ll work on the way your content reads through sentence structure, word choice, conciseness, clarity, paragraph structure, consistency, transitions, accuracy, tone, and overall flow, as well as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We’ll remove any awkward phrasing, wordiness, repetition, or anything that detracts from the accuracy of your presentation.

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A close look at the content itself. Could there be any gaps in coverage? Does the organization flow logically? Is it consistent? Could any areas be more fully developed? What might help the reader better understand the topic? We’ll sharpen the structure and focus of your work so your vision is fully realized. This often overlaps with a line edit.

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Services: Projects


A review of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, which also looks at syntax, clarity, usage, section titles, placement of tables or figures, and attribution/citations. I may make suggestions for wording or rephrasing, but this is less intrusive than a full line edit.

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Services: Projects


Adapting or expanding your material for a desired audience, repurposing content for a new format, or writing the copy itself. This may include transcribing notes, generating a polished version of a rough draft, writing supplementary content, or developing concept, structure, emphasis, or tone. If you don’t have time to write or aren’t sure where to start, this may be a worthwhile collaboration. Of course, you get all the credit.

Services: Projects


Adapting content to U.S. cultural and social norms. This includes translated content or content from non-native U.S. English speakers. We’ll look at tone, idiom, usage, colloquialism, phrasing, syntax, and cultural references. Includes conversion from UK to U.S. style.

Services: Projects


Generating short articles or blog posts from an outline, a concept, or guidelines. I can also provide supplementary features, such as introductions, conclusions, sidebars, captions, or transitional material.

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Services: Projects


Shepherding your project from outline to final draft. This might involve suggesting topics or coverage, establishing a schedule, communicating with contributors, tracking submissions, reviewing illustrations/graphics, or wading through copyright permissions.

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Services: Projects


Scrutinizing typeset pages for typos and any previously overlooked errors in spelling or punctuation, as well as appearance—layout, spacing, font, alignment, word breaks, running heads, tables, and graphics.

Services: Projects


A full review of anything reproduced from another source, including tables, illustrations, graphics, and quoted material. I can also help you clear copyright permissions or find alternative material.

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Services: Projects
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